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Since ULTRABIT is a high risk and high return system, you may lose all your running BTC. Therefore, the amount of BTC that can be started is limited to 0.1 BTC at the maximum.

Simple steps to invest with ULTRABIT.AI TRADER

1 Deposit BTC to your dedicated wallet on ULTRABIT.AI.
2 While the Bitcoin Recruitment is still open, start trade with your desired BTC amount (you can also make multiple starts)
3 When you want to withdraw the running BTC, please make a STOP of it first.
The total operating BTC amount of ULTRABIT is 5 BTC.
The deadline is when the total operational BTC of all users reaches 5 BTC.
Also, the maximum running BTC amount for one account is limited to 0.1 BTC.
Latest announcements
2024-02-27 00:00 UTC

Maintenance is complete.

2022-05-20 09:00 UTC

Maintenance is complete.

2022-05-20 05:00 UTC

We apologize for the time it takes to maintain the withdrawal system.
If you are in a hurry, we will respond individually, so please contact support team.

2022-05-13 09:30 UTC

[Notice of system maintenance]

We are currently extending maintenance.
Please access again after the maintenance is completed.

* Maintenance time may be extended.
* You will not be able to log in during maintenance.
* Please refrain from deposits and withdrawals during maintenance.

2022-04-14 07:00 UTC

Maintenance is finished.
Please contact us if you have any concerns.